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Brimscombe C of E Primary School

Brimscombe C of E Primary School

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Helping the Three Little Pigs

Written by Luke for the Golden Book.

We came back to school and discovered a pink and brown letter in our parachute. It read…

Dear Orion,

Something awful happened to us! The Big Bad Wolf followed us and huffed and puffed until all of our houses blew down. What a horrible wolf he is!

We were walking through the fields of Brimscombe looking for a shelter for the night when we saw ‘Home Sweet Home’ and thought we had finally found a new place to live. When we got in we realised it wasn’t a home at all just a boring classroom! So……we are still stuck! Nowhere to live and were getting more scared, more hungry and more tearful as the time goes on!

Can you help us? Please share our story so that someone feels sorry for us and builds us a new home.


The three little pigs

P.S We have taken one of your labelled maps to help us on our way

We helped the three little pigs by re-writing their story. Here is how Luke started his…

The story of the three little pigs

Once there was three little pigs. One day they went to build three different houses and the first little pig built a house of straw. The second little pig built a house made of sticks that was tall but cold. The third little pig built a strong, warm and tough house (it even had a chimney). It was hard work for the third little pig but he didn’t mind because he knew that there was a wolf in the woods.

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For hard copies please contact Mrs S Newman in the office