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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Do your best for yourself and each other

The Team Trip!

Written by Freya. 

First, we found a partner then we got step by step onto the humongous coach! When we got on it was a squash and a squeeze but 10 minutes later we were fine. When we had got off we were at the Mosque! We washed ourselves then we learnt about prayer, that was so much fun! Later, we had to stop but....we got to look at clothes and some of us dressed up. Soon we had to go so we went to the Cathedral. On our way we saw another Mosque! When we got to the Cathedral it was not what we were expecting. It looked like a castle because it used to be a castle for King Henry 3rd. The man who was giving us a tour showed us pictures that make a story. There was a mirror that made it look like you were flying, it was so funny! We ate lunch and the tour guide showed us where Harry Potter was filmed, that was pretty good. Soon we had to go home, we went on the same coach so that was fun too! When we got to school we nearly had to go home but then it was wonderful Worship! Our Worship was Mr Harris....he was our teacher for Worship! We sang Lead Me Home. Then it was time to go, we didn't walk out to any quiet music because the Internet wasn't working properly. When we got home we told our Mum's and Dad's also our Brother's and Sister's what happened today! 

Brimscombe Hill, Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 2QR

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