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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

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Dragonfly Class Blog

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  • 08/12/22

    Writing: Diary entries

    We have been writing some diary entries in class for the last few weeks. 
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  • 05/12/22

    Writing: Verbs and Adverbs

    Last week we played a really fun game in writing. The children needed to take a strip of paper from both the verbs and adverbs box. They then needed to act out what the words were to the rest of the class. For example 'running, quietly'.  
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  • 23/11/22

    Cathedral Visit

    Dragonfly Class went on a fascinating visit to Gloucester Cathedral.  They learnt about the history of the building and then acted out the Christmas story, moving around the cathedral as the scenes changed.     A fascinating day at this awe-inspiring building. Tha...
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  • 18/11/22

    Outdoor Learning: Natural Items

    We had a great time in outdoor learning this week. The children had two options, they could either make their own mobile phone or create their own painting using natural materials.  Here are the children making their own paint to use for their pictures. This was our warm-up game...
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  • 17/11/22

    Still Life Drawing

    A really lovely afternoon in Dragonfly Class as pupils did a series of still life drawings.  The children worked really hard, trying to draw what they could see and not what they thought things looked like. They all did a super job and the finished drawings are fab. 
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  • 14/11/22

    Phonics - make a word

    We had a great phonics lesson this morning filling in the gaps in the middle of words!
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  • 10/11/22

    Morning worship

    On Tuesday mornings we are looking at a big question. 
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  • 04/11/22

    Art: Still Life

    We have started on our new topic in Art Still life.
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  • 04/11/22

    Year 2 Phonics

    We used play dough to help remember our spellings!
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  • 20/10/22

    DT: Making Cereal Bars

    Yesterday we designed our cereal bars, today we made them, tomorrow we can eat them!
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  • 19/10/22

    DT: Tasting Cereal bars

    In Dragonfly Class we have been looking at healthy foods.
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