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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

'let love & kindness be the motivation behind all that you do'

How was your day?

Do you struggle to get a response from your child about their day?

We are continually told that children do not talk about their day in school.  'How was your day?' if often followed by a shrug or 'It was OK.' 

If you struggle to get an answer from your child about their day, try asking these after school connecting questions....  


What was your favourite part of today?

If you could be the teacher for a day, what rules would you make?

What did you like better, break or lunch? The morning or the afternoon?

What made you laugh today?

If you could choose a friend to be the Head Teacher who would you choose?

If you had a camera at school today what would you take a picture of?


Brimscombe Hill, Brimscombe, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 2QR

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For hard copies please contact Mrs S Newman in the office