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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

'let love & kindness be the motivation behind all that you do'

Otter Class Blog

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  • 12/05/23

    Nail Art

    Y6 were tasked with creating a design using nails and wool. 
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  • 05/05/23

    Desert Island decisions!

    As a little break from our normal schedule, Otter class had to work as a team to figure out which 6 items they would take to survive 7 nights alone on a desert island! 
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  • 24/04/23

    Ukulele session 1

    A musical start to the week in Otter class as pupil began their block of learning the Ukulele. mastering the tricky chords of C. F & G they even had a go at performing a song. 
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  • 21/04/23

    Making paper disappear!

    The children were challenged to make their squares of paper disappear!
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  • 24/03/23

    On the rivet at the velodrome

    Year 6 pupils took to the track at the Geraint Thomas Olympic Velodrome. Riding track bikes with no brakes they tackled the steep banks and learned how to stop - not easy! With only a few spectacular falls, Steve our coach guided the children through the session, helping conquer nerves with his...
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  • 16/03/23

    Climbing Courage

    Lots of courage on show as our brave year sixes took on the 8 metre climbing wall. Lovely to see so much encouragement and support!    
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  • 10/03/23

    STEM- Robotics day

    A brilliant day in Otter class programming robots to perform different tasks.   Our coding teams worked really well together to program their lego robots to perform some pretty tricky tasks using movement and a variety of different sensors.  Clever stuff!
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  • 10/03/23

    DT Bridge Designs

    A break from the outdoors, pupils in Otter class spent the afternoon designing and making model bridges. Using research into strong shapes they built their structures. Pupils focussed on 'form' and 'function' and came up with some brilliant designs. 
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  • 01/03/23

    Take me to the bridge!

    Today Year 6 started their DT bridge project. We talked about strong shapes and  reinforcing structures with braces. Then, as a bit of outdoor fun in the mud and drizzle, pupils had the challenge of spanning 2 meters using only natural material. There were some great bridges with the usual...
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  • 08/02/23

    Making Fire!

    Another beautiful if a little chilly afternoon in our outdoor classroom. Pupils had a go at splitting logs and making fire with bow and drill- it worked! We also made pancakes and scoped out the best trees to make a tree house. Just a lovely afternoon.
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  • 03/02/23

    Learning about the justice system...

    As we are entering into the Mock Trial competition, one of the organisers came to discuss the UK justice system and talk about the case we'll be involved in. 
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  • 26/01/23

    Area and Perimeter Challenge!

    The children were set an area and perimeter challenge! 
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