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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

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  • 20/07/22

    Pirates arrgghh...

    We have been interested in pirates since watching the older children in their play called, 'Pirates of the curry bean.'
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  • 15/07/22

    Sports activities...

    We enjoyed some sports activities with Bumblebees today, we ran with hoops on our heads, followed an obstacle course, threw bean bags into hoops and balloons on bats. Then we all received medals that Ladybirds had made.
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  • 08/07/22


    Today we were exploring capacity using different sized containers and coloured rice.
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  • 07/07/22

    New scarves...

    Some new scarves arrived today. We had so much fun throwing them in the air and dancing.
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  • 01/07/22

    Special places...

    We talked about places that are special to us and why. We then made wind socks and decorations to make our garden even more special.
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  • 29/06/22

    Train trip...

    We made a train using the crates and tyres, we were cheering because we just reached the seaside.
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  • 22/06/22

    Festival time...

    Some of us have been to festivals, we said we needed a tent and music.
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  • 21/06/22

    Nature printing...

    We discovered lots of plants and flowers on our field, they made beautiful print patterns.
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  • 16/06/22

    Fun building...

    Today we have been building using shaving foam as mortar. We have created towers, houses, a wall and a fire station.
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  • 13/06/22

    Box play...

    We love getting deliveries, the boxes always make there way to Ladybirds and become lots of exciting things. Today the packaging became roads and the box a garage.
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  • 08/06/22

    Target practice...

    Today we have been beanbag throwing using our large motor skills. We used chalk to make a target on our outdoor board and trien to hit the centre.
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  • 07/06/22

    Problem solving...

    Mrs B helped us to secure the tube to the top of the bookshelf, and we made a fast tunnel for the cars. We talked about why some cars didn't go down the tunnel, and why some didn't come out at the bottom .
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