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Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

Brimscombe CE VA Primary School

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  • 16/05/22


    Today we explored different types of pasta and pulses. This involved lots of language. We loved sorting the pulses and pasta out after they mixed together and creating shapes and patterns with them.
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  • 13/05/22

    Number sequencing...

    This week we have been sequencing numbers. Mrs. B wrote some numbers on out tray and we found which numbers were missing.
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  • 09/05/22

    3D models...

    Mr Roberts came to play with us today, he was very impressed with our 3D creations.
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  • 06/05/22

    Fun with animals...

    We used the animals to support learning initial sounds. We found animals that had the same initial sound and found some animals that had the same initial sound as our names.
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  • 04/05/22

    Book nook...

    Today we explored literacy and sat in the Book Nook to have a story. When the story had finished we chose different books and looked at them independently.
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  • 03/05/22

    Mirror painting...

    We copied patterns and shapes through our big clear painting easel today, when we have finished we love washing it down and starting again.
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  • 29/04/22

    Gravel pit...

    Lots of language in the gravel pit today, we talked about raking the gravel, moving it around with the diggers and building mounds. We talked about building sites that we have seen when we are out.
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  • 27/04/22

    Future stars...

    Today we created a show using our musical instruments, Robin children sat and watched us, they clapped and cheered when our song finished, we smiled lots.
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  • 25/04/22

    Getting creative in the sun...

    We were feeling very creative this morning in the sunshine, we decided to decorate and make a telescope.
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  • 04/04/22

    School in school...

    We helped Miss Morgan to set up a school for us in role play. We have a register and white boards for mark making. One of us is the teacher and two of us are students, we use the timer to take turns.
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  • 01/04/22

    Lovely sunny days then...

    We were super excited and jumped up and down when it snowed, shouting 'snow', and tried to catch snowflakes in our mouths. As soon as it started it ended and we talked about why it didn't stay on the floor.
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  • 30/03/22

    Snack station...

    We have created a snack station, we made the rules and helped Mrs.B to set it up. Today was the first day that we used it and did really well with the new routine Mrs B and Miss Morgan were super proud of us.
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