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Brimscombe C of E Primary School

Brimscombe C of E Primary School

Eco Matters

There is only so much of our planet to go round. Once we have used up its land, seas and air there will be no more. We cannot expand the Earth.

People need to think about sustainability. We need to live in balance with the Earth and not use more of it than the planet can put back. We shouldn’t cut down forests faster than they can regrow, catch more fish than are born, take more water from lakes and rivers than falls as rain, create litter that stays as hazards or poisons in the soil.

We must do no long-lasting harm to the planet.

Eco Schools

Eco Schools is an award scheme that has been set up to guide schools towards being more sustainable. It focuses on nine topics:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • School grounds
  • Healthy living
  • Transport
  • Litter
  • Waste
  • Global citizenship

The idea is that the school should learn about all of these topics and think about them in all the decisions its teachers and students take, at school, at home and wherever else we go.

Thousands of schools of all kinds from nurseries to colleges are involved, and all are working towards one of three Eco Schools awards: Bronze, Silver and the Green Flag.

Brimscombe earned the Bronze award; the Blue Boots trophy, our kitchen garden and the solar panels contributed towards it. We’re now aiming to achieve Silver and Green Flag.

Our Eco Committee

Every school in the Eco Schools scheme has an Eco Committee. This is a group of students, teachers and other adults who get together to lead and run the school’s eco activities. This covers everything from getting ideas together, to choosing what to do, planning what to do, doing what you’ve planned, and then finding out and reporting whether it has worked.

At Brimscombe our students play a huge role in this. Eco Committee belongs to them and it’s their way of making our school and our planet better and healthier.

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